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Testimonial from our valuable clients

Hope to meet again
Hi Tim Sorry to disturb your sleeping time Just to inform we have safely arrived in Malaysia
Thank you to ETour that has given full support during our trip We felt the warm hospitality with Andy support and thank you to you too that have made a best selection for Andy to support my family He managed well my children, they was happy too
Continue the excellent service from ETour and will recommend your company to others in Malaysia
Thank very much Hope to meet again!!!
Thank you!
Hello Tim,

We had safely back to Perth!! We had an amazing time in Korea Sorry we totally forgot about the survey form that need to be completed and pass on to Eric on the 6th Day

Anyway, I had completed it and scanned it attached hereby

Once again, thank you for the excellent service and organise our first ever visit tour to korea :)

We also want to praise Eric for his excellence job being our tour guide We will definitely recommend him to our friends One of the valuable thing about this trip is that we make friends along the way and surely Eric is becoming a good friend to us :)

Thank you and we will see you in korea again very soon!

Thank you for your arrangement
Dear Tim,

thank you very much for your cooperation regarding my group of 7 persons

My clients arrived home safely and they were very satisfied with all services in Korea that you provided for them

Especially they highlited perfect services of your tour guide Miss Mini

Thank you once again and I am looking forward to eventual future cooperation

Kind regards

Thank you very much!
Hello Tim, I just made it home from my wonderful trip to Korea, I just want to say that
the seven day tour we took with E-Tour was fantastic, the tour guides, drivers and all your staff
we were in contact with were very nice and helpful, which made our time there during our
tour a memorable one Thank you so much for putting together such a wonderful package
of activities We were able to see the most interesting and historical sights in those areas of
your most beautiful country We hope to one day again be able to travel with your company
and see other parts of Korea I did submit my survey comments to tour guide Suzie at the
end of our tour in Jeju Thank you, Thank you Tim for taking good care of us

[ceriab@verizon net]
Couple from USA
-Best of Korea 7days Tour-

Thank You Etourism!!
Dear Etour Team,

On behalf of Bank Simpanan National and our Cuti-Cuti BSN Campaign winners, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent job while guiding our tour through Korea

You are highly educated and familiar with the complexities of Korea's long history, which we appreciated your efforts to import your knowledge of and enthusiasm for Korea to us Even more important, you are a gentle and gracious man with a very positive attitude and a good sense of humour which makes the tour interesting and enjoyable

Once again, with warmest thanks for your excellent care of us these past 5 days, and we will send the tour group from time to time via your services Also, you will be highly recommended to our partners as well

Hope to see you in Seoul in the future

Kind regards,

Adila Mohd Ali
-Incentive Group from Malaysia-
[adila@bsn com my]
Irma from ABA Travel, Indonesia
Well, after hearing the testimonies from the member of the grup on 25 Fab - 3 March we really thank you for your service ! To you Yoona, Mr Kevin and Mr driver (sorry i forgot his name) and all the staffs there You just do a great job ! we sorry if there any mistake or misbehave on the last tour We hope to re-establish cooperation on the next tour with you Keep up your good works, guys ! Thank you very much

ABA Tour & Travel
Hajj & Umrah Service
Izin Umrah : D/156 Thn 2013
Izin Pariwisata : 180/2012

Great performance of Etourism!!
A quien corresponda,
Por medio de la presente quiero hacer constar el gran desempeno de todo el equipo de E - Tour durante el evento COP12 llevado a cabo en Pyeongchang, Corea del Sur en el pasado mes de octubre
Desde la llegada al aeropuerto hasta la salida de todos nuestros participantes, el equipo de E ? Tour siempre mostro una gran actitud, disponibilidad y eficiencia para llevar a cabo todas nuestras actividades y agenda
Como Agencia Operadora de Proyectos de Turismo de Reuniones estaremos muy gustosos de volver a trabajar con esta empresa y la recomendamos ampliamente

Saludos cordiales
Juan Emilio Bolanos Capdevila
Coordinador de Eventos
Turismo y Convenciones, S A de C V
Tels: 5148 7500


To whom it may concern,
Through this I want to note the great performance of the entire team of E ? Tour during the COP12 event held in Pyeongchang, South Korea last October
From arrival at the airport until the departure of all our participants, Team E ? Tour always showed a great attitude, availability and efficiency to conduct all our activities and agenda
As Operator Tourism Projects Agency Meeting will be happy to return to work with this company and highly recommend

Best regards
Juan Emilio BolanosCapdevila
Event Coordinator
Tourism and conventions, S A of C V
Tels: 5148 7500
Dear Kelly
Last 25 December, my 4-member family was toured by Mr Vickstone Hong to our pre-booked One Day Snow Tour
We were so grateful of having one very knowledgable and fun tour guide, that we learned much about South Korea in such a short encounter Mr Hong is very capable of painting the best image for your country, that tourist would definitely re-visit the 'Seoul of Asia '
Applause to him, and congratulations to eTour for having Mr Hong in the company
Salamat po Mabuhay!

- Prof Liza

Dear Yoona
Dear Yoona,

We all arrived in KL safe and sound last week with unforgettable moments with you and your staffs

The tour was well prepared and planned, the tour guides assigned to our group are lovable by our kids, especially Ms Seulbi (we still mention her name until today!), the bus is so spacious, the hotel in Mt Seourak is lovely, the restaurants are good choices and the meals are mouth-watering I really don’t have any complaints, not even a small one Everything is soooo perfect, and we want to come back ?!!

Not only that, you have a personal touch with us, have an intense communication and close follow up on any matters, including the incident of losing the bagpack in a taxi in Seoul, that was horrible, but your help and advice was very helpful As well as, able to provide the documents required for visa application in short time was amazing

On Day 1 in Lotte World, I know you could have asked your staff to meet us in Lotte to pass the tickets, but you made your time to meet us there so that we can finally have our proper self introduction ?

Thank you Yoona, and I wish you the best in 2015


-Active and lovely family from Indonesia
Fita Permata Sari
Dear Yoona and etour team....
Thanks god we've already arrived home safely
Thank you for all the unforgettable memory that you've shared us in your beautiful Korea
It's such a great opportunity to use etour as our travelmate
And for our handsome guide, Mr Kevin Lee, thank you for becoming a funny and helpful guide, especially in our ski lessons You are a great teacher See you in 2018 pyeongchang winter olympic ;-) hahahaha
Thank you etour and see you in another moment in Korea

Terima kasih Tuhan kita sudah tiba di rumah dengan selamat
Terima kasih untuk semua memori tak terlupakan yang Anda telah berbagi kami di Korea yang indah Anda
Ini seperti kesempatan besar untuk menggunakan Etour sebagai TravelMate kami
Dan untuk panduan tampan kami, Mr Kevin Lee, terima kasih untuk menjadi panduan lucu dan membantu, terutama dalam pelajaran ski kami Anda adalah guru besar Sampai jumpa di 2018 Pyeongchang musim dingin olympic;-) hahahaha
Terima kasih Etour dan melihat Anda di saat lain di Korea

-Family from Indonesia-
Yeni Wahyuni [yni_wn@yahoo co id]

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