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MICE infrastructures / Team Building Program

Bubble Soccer

Korea Team Building game Bubble Soccer

Wearing a large, inflated, "bubble"-like costume, players can run, kick, and bump their

way on the field in a unque and thrilling game of soccer.

- No. of Participants : 10-24

- Duration : 2 hours

Korea Karaoke 

Korea Team Building Program Korea Karaoke

You can channel your inner diva or super star and show off your singing, dancing, passion, or all of the above.

- No. of Participants : 10-30

- Duration : 2 hours

Bike to tour Seoul

Korea Team Building Program Bike to tour Seoul

You'll have to think and work with your teammates to put together your own bike! Participants are rewarded later

by going on a scenic bike ride through Seoul along the Han River.

- No. of Participants : 50

- Duration : 5 hours

The Escape Room Experience

Korea Team Building Program The Escape Room Experience

Escape Room is a game you play by entering a room full of clues and riddles. You are typically locked inside a room with your friends and must solve allthe clues to escape within 60minutes. 

- No. of Participants : 10-30

- Duration : 1 hours

Culture Experience Stage by Jeondong Theater

Korea Team Building Program Culture Experience Stage by Jeondong Theater

The Jeondong Culture Experience Stage provides an experience to learn traditional Korean music such as Janggu,

Pansori and Korean traditional dance after watching the mesmerizing modernized

Korean traditional performance show 'YOULL'.

- No. of Participants : Janggu 40 / Pansory 80 / Korea Dance 40

- Duration : 30 mins

Korea cooking team building

Korea Team Building Program Korea Cooking

To create delicious Korean food together, this program is intended to facilitate team work and increase understanding.

- No. of Participants : 5-25

- Duration : 3 hours

Learn the Art of Taekwondo

Korea Team Building Program Learn the Art of Taekwondo

This action-packed experience intoroduces participants to the basics of korea's most famous martial art,

which takes its origins froms of unarmed Korean combat stretching back over thousand years.

- No. of Participants : 10-100

- Duration : 2 hours


K-POP Experience

Korea Team Building Program K-pop Experience

Receive expert English instruction and combine aerobic exercise, dance lessons, 

and an insider's knowledge of the Korean Wave all at the same time.

- No. of Participants : 10-200

- Duration : 2 hours


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